Design memo


  • Do not reinvent the wheel. Use redis-py for connection pooling. It already is mature.
  • Don’t be implicit. Hashes aren’t entities. Hash keys aren’t fields. Connections aren’t sessions.



from sider.entity import Entity, Field
from sider.types import UnicodeString, Date, TZDateTime
from sider.datetime import now
from .password import Password

class User(Entity):
    """User entity."""

    login = Field(UnicodeString, required=True, key=True)
    password = Field(UnicodeString, required=True)
    name = Field(UnicodeString, required=True)
    url = Field(UnicodeString, unique=True)
    dob = Field(Date)
    created_at = Field(TZDateTime, required=True, default=now)

    def login(self, value):
        value = value.strip().lower()
        if 2 < len(value) < 50:
            return value
        raise ValueError('invalid login')

    def password(self, value):
        return Password.hash(self, value)

    def password(self, value):
        return Password(self, value)

    def __unicode__(self):
        return getattr(self, 'user', None) or u''


>>> from redis.client import StrictRedis
>>> from sider.session import Session
>>> from myapp.user import User
>>> session = Session(StrictRedis(host='', port=6379, db=0))
>>> user = session.get(User, 'hongminhee')
>>> user
<myapp.user.User 'users:hongminhee'>
>>> user.password
<myapp.password.Password user='hongminhee'>

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