sider.lazyimport — Lazily imported modules

Provides a types.ModuleType-like proxy object for submodules of the sider package. These are for workaround circular importing.

class sider.lazyimport.DeferredModule(*args, **kwargs)

The deferred version of types.ModuleType. Under the hood it imports the actual module when it actually has to.

sider.lazyimport.session = <deferred module 'sider.session'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.session.

sider.lazyimport.set = <deferred module 'sider.set'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.set.

sider.lazyimport.hash = <deferred module 'sider.hash'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.hash.

sider.lazyimport.version = <deferred module 'sider.version'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.version.

sider.lazyimport.warnings = <deferred module 'sider.warnings'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.warnings.

sider.lazyimport.list = <deferred module 'sider.list'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.list.

sider.lazyimport.datetime = <deferred module 'sider.datetime'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.datetime.

sider.lazyimport.types = <deferred module 'sider.types'>

(DeferredModule) Alias of sider.types.

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